Best Dating Sites for USA 2023

By Alexandre (admin), last updated on September 14, 2023

You are a single woman or man looking for the right dating site to meet singles, find love or find friends?

You are over 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 or 70 ? No problem, it’s never been easier to meet someone online because there are more than 100 dating sites in the USA. It’s one of the best ways to date.

If you want to meet the right person on the right dating site without wasting time and money, no problem, all you need to know about best dating sites is here.

Top 10 Best Dating Sites in 2023

You want to know what are the 10 best websites to make beautiful meetings? For online dating with serious singles, here are the essential dating sites :

1. eharmony : for singles ready for commitment


📖 Short presentation: eharmony is the best dating site for serious relationship with scientific approach.

✔ Key Point: more than 10 million member looking for serious relationship. Also available on app.

💰 Cost:  Free registration. Starts at $39.95 a month if you sign up for a 6 month plan.

For several years now, eharmony has been a reference when it comes to serious dating and finding love. The site differentiates itself with a personality questionnaire at registration. With the help of a compatibility algorithm, eharmony will suggest singles who are likely to be compatible with you. All you have to do is to get in touch with these singles with whom you have something in common.

The strength of eharmony is that it offers a lot of quality members and a personality questionnaire. But this comes at a price, the subscription is higher than average.

2. Match : for long term relationship

📖 Short presentation: Match is the best dating site for serious relationship and find love quickly.
We love and recommend Match for 25 – 50 year olds!

✔ Key Point: more than 10 million member looking for serious relationship. Also available on app.

💰 Cost:  Free registration. Starts at $9.99 a month if you sign up for a 6 month plan.

Pioneer of online dating sites, Match is one of the most popular dating sites in the United States but also in other countries around the world. Today, it is facing increased competition that forces it to upgrade its services. Match offers to match you with singles who are looking for a serious and lasting relationship. The features of the site are classic namely profile search engine, to like a profile …

The difference of match is that the dating site offers an event service called Match Events. You can during these events meet singles of the site, off screen. Cooking classes, bar, climbing are examples of activities.

3. Silver Singles : for over 50 singles

📖 Short presentation: Match is the best dating site for over 50 singles looking for serious relationship and love.

✔ Key Point: more than 1 million member looking for serious relationship. Also available on app.

💰 Cost:  Free registration. Starts at $37.95 a month if you sign up for a 6 month plan.

Want to meet seniors? Silver Singles is a dating site dedicated to singles over 50 who are still active in life and looking to meet quality singles. To offer you this experience, the site proposes a personality questionnaire during registration. With the help of this questionnaire, singles compatible with your criteria and interests will be proposed to you.

The real strength of SilverSingles is that it offers quality, even high-end dating.

4. Ourtime : for over 50 singles

ourtime homepage

📖 Short presentation: OurTime is the best dating site for over 50’s whether it’s for a serious relationship or friends.
We love and recommend OurTime for people over 50!

✔ Key Point: more than 1.5 million older singles on OurTime who are looking for love, a casual relationship. Also available on app.

💰 Cost:  Free registration. Starts at $17.96 monthly if you sign up for a six-month plan.

OurTime is a great choice for online dating if you are over 50, 60 or even 70. It is the site with the largest number of senior singles. You can meet people for friendship, but also meet people for love. The interface is easy to use and a smartphone application is available.

The strong point of OurTime is to offer the largest number of senior over 50 years with a very affordable subscription.

5. Zoosk : for fun dating

📖 Short presentation: Zoosk is a good dating site for love, flirt and chatting with single people.

✔ Key Point: more than 40 million singles worldwide. Also available on app.

💰 Cost:  Free registration. Starts at $14.95 monthly if you sign up for a six-month plan.

In just over 10 years, Zoosk has managed to gather over 40 million members on its dating site, worldwide. It owes its success to social networks because Zoosk was at its creation very connected to Facebook. In short, Zoosk offers to meet singles close to you geographically but also all over the world. It is about meeting people for friendship, fun and serious if affinities. A dating site where it is also possible to buy options with a virtual currency.

The strong point of zoosk is clearly its number of members and also its user-friendly interface.

6. Christian Mingle : for christian singles

christian mingle homepage

📖 Short presentation: This dating site is by far the most popular Christian dating site available today.

✔ Key Point: more than 12 millions members in USA. Also available on app.

💰 Cost:  Free registration. Starts at $14.99 monthly if you sign up for a six-month plan.

You are single and your religion takes an important place in your life? It is essential that your future partner is also practicing? That’s why there is the Christian Mingle dating site that connects single men and women who practice the Christian religion. And it is a real success since the site claims more than 12 million members in the USA alone.

The real strength of Christian Mingle is that it offers such a large number of Christian singles.

7. Elite Singles : for educated singles

elite singles

📖 Short presentation: Elite Dating is the best dating site for demanding singles with a matchmaking feature.

✔ Key Point: focus is on professional people who are searching for a serious long term relationship (82% of members hold a university degree.) Also available on app.

💰 Cost:  Free registration. Starts at $19.99 a month if you sign up for a 12-month plan.

Are you a single man or woman for whom work is an important part of your life? Do you want the same for your future partner? A careerist? That’s what Elite Singles offers, to connect you with demanding, hardworking and well-educated singles. And it works, because the site claims to have over 82% of members with a Master’s degree. As the icing on the cake, Elite Singles offers a personality questionnaire upon registration in order to match you by affinity using a compatibility algorithm.

The real strength of Elite Rencontre is that it is the only dating service to offer singles with a high level of education and a compatibility system.

8. Jdate : for jewish singles

📖 Short presentation: Jdate is the premier Jewish dating site for Jewish singles in USA

✔ Key Point: more than 200,00 members in USA. Also available on app.

💰 Cost:  Free registration. Starts at $29.99 a month if you sign up for a 6-month plan.

You are a single man or woman of Jewish religion and for you it is essential that your future partner is also of Jewish religion and if possible practical? This is what the Jdate dating site offers, which brings together Jewish singles who are looking for serious encounters and who want to find love.

The Jdate dating site offers “only” 200,000 members and yet it is the best dating site for single Jews.

9. Christian Cafe : for christian singles

📖 Short presentation: Christian Café is one of the oldest dating services for Christian singles. It was created by a Christian couple.

✔ Key Point: more than 500,00 members in USA. Also available on app.

💰 Cost:  Free registration. Starts at $14.99 a month if you sign up for a 6-month plan.

You are single and you want to meet Christian singles on a serious dating site? Christian Café, even if its interface is a bit old, is a very good dating site that deserves your interest. When registering, Christian Café requires members to fill in a lot of information and validates all photos manually. The site only wants quality singles.

The real strength of the site is that it is possible to use it 100% free for 7 days and even 10 days if you fill in other information. If it has “only” 500 00 members against more than 12 million for Christian Mingle, Christian Café bets a lot on the quality of the members to make quality dating.

10. 1tense : new dating experience for serious relationship


📖 Short presentation: 1tense (pronounced intense), is a dating service for serious relationships, 100% free.

✔ Key Point: more than 100,00 members wordwide. Also available on app.

💰 Cost:  Free registration. 100 % free.

To close this ranking of the top 10 best dating sites, we suggest the newcomer “1tense” which offers to connect singles looking for a serious and lasting relationship. Its difference? It is 100% free. The features are the classic ones of an online dating site.

You can register and test the dating site, it will cost you nothing and you could have potential dates.

Free or paid dating sites

Best Free dating sites

christian couple dating sites

For singles who don’t want to pay: free dating sites to meet singles without paying.

Free dating sites do not usually offer an application. The 100% free dating platforms are dating sites that are operated through advertising. They can’t offer any app and features are limited.

So if you don’t want to pay for online dating, discover the best free dating sites!

Best Paid dating sites


Dating on a paid dating service allows you to have committed singles with better quality profiles.

There are paid dating sites for many criteria: serious relationship, over 50, religion, …

Discover our list of the best paid dating sites.

Dating by relationship type

Best serious dating sites for serious relationship

serious dating sites

For single men and women looking for a serious relationship. Serious dating to find love and even your soul mate. It is possible to fall in love on a serious dating site.

Serious dating sites for single members who want a long term relationship and to find love.

Find out which are the best serious dating sites, the most popular, free, by religion, etc.

Best Casual and Hookup dating sites

sexy cougar woman

Maybe what you’re looking for is a one-night stand, or a short-term relationship.

Whether it’s with a young woman, a cougar, a man, or a transgender, there are special sites for one-night stands.

Find out which are the best hookup dating sites, the most popular, the free, no registration…

For those who know what they want!

For those who want to get married

dating site marriage

Some people don’t conceive of a serious relationship without marriage. Whether for religious reasons or out of conviction, there are platforms that make marriage a criterion of affinity for dating.

Discover the best dating sites for getting married, meeting singles for whom marriage is important.

Compatibility quizzes

compatibility quizzes

You don’t want to waste time and you have precise expectations? You prefer quality to quantity?

Discover what dating sites with compatibility quizzes are made for you and how they work.

Dating sites by interest

Dating sites by interest

Would you like to meet people who share your interests, lifestyle or values? Have you already tried all the best-known sites without success?

There are a number of interest-based dating sites where you can find singles like you. There are fewer members, but the encounters you’ll make there will be more qualified.

For attractive Singles

attractive single

Do you consider yourself to be physically attractive and beautiful? Do you want your partner to be as beautiful as you are? There’s no shame in that! It’s a criterion like any other.

There are dating sites for attractive people. You’ll find the most attractive single men and women on the net.

Dating by ethnic group

Black Dating

black couple

You are a black man or woman and you only want to meet black singles like you? Or are you Caucasian and dream of pairing up with a black man or woman?

Then take a look at our selection of the best dating sites for black people. You’ll find the majority of black singles on the Internet.

Asian Dating

Latina Dating

Dating according to sexual orientation

You are a single man or a single woman and you want to know all the best sites to meet men or women, by category.

Sites to date women

sexy cougar woman

For single men who want to date women online, based on their needs and desires. It lists best dating sites to meet women, such as serious relationship, Christian, senior, free, attractive, hookup, black, lesbian, cougar, and interest-based. We also provides some tips and advice on how to choose the right dating site and how to date women online.

Sites to date men

single man

For single women who want to meet men online, we’ve listed the best sites for dating men. There’s something for every type of relationship, every age, religion and income level. We also give you tips on how to successfully seduce a man on a dating site.

Want to try the latest?

Are you the type of person who wants to try out the latest innovations, and this is also the case for online dating? If so, check out these new dating sites that have just been released and are well worth a look. They’re generally less popular than those in the top 10 above, but they’re perfect for early adopters who want to test out the latest site that could be tomorrow’s buzz.

The best dating sites in other countries

Are you interested in meeting singles in other countries or do you simply live in one of the countries below? Find out which are the best dating sites to find a partner

You can also try a dating service that allows you to date people internationally, without any country limit.

Frequently asked questions

How Do Online Dating Sites Work?

An online dating site is a platform that connects singles. This one can be free, partially free or paying. When registering on an online dating site, you will have to fill in information such as your age, your city, your nickname, your marital status, a photo and search criteria. The online dating site will then propose you singles compatible with your search. It is often necessary to take out a paid subscription to be able to communicate with another member of an online dating platform

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