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4 votes, average: 3.25 out of 54 votes, average: 3.25 out of 54 votes, average: 3.25 out of 54 votes, average: 3.25 out of 54 votes, average: 3.25 out of 5

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You are Christian, faith is important in relationship and you are looking for a date with another Christians single ? Christian Mingle is a great faith-based dating site. The website, ChristianMingle, was launched by Spark Networks (Elite Singles) in 2001 and have already more than 12 000 000 members in the USA with 20+ years of online matchmaking experience.

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Find christian dates with Christian Mingle! This dating site is by far the most popular Christian dating site available today. Majority of Christian Mingle’s members are in their late 20s to early 40s. The internet dating site is easy, affordable and effective. The dating service is for singles who search people for a serious relationship. Thanks to their matchmaking service, they expect to find you a single men or a single women looking for a long-term relationship like you.

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Christian Mingle is for all christian religion : anglican, apostolic, baptist, catholic, charismatic, evangelical, lutheran, messianic, methodist, nazarene, orthodox, pentecostal, presbyterian, etc.

Free Services

You can register at Christian Mingle for free and have acces to features bellow. After creating your profile on the platform, you have to entered your search criteria and you will get information about matching profiles.

  • Registration and creation of an account
  • Create your dating profile
  • Match Search, find singles
  • Discover user profiles
  • “Like” profiles

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See more about Christian Mingle Free.

Fee based features (premium)

Unlock the full power of Christian Mingle by becoming a paid member. Like many dating sites, you have to pay for a monthly membership if you want to chat with other singles. Full membership features bellow.

  • Receive an unlimited number of messages
  • Receive notification when your messages are seen by the recipients
  • Browse other profiles anonymously (hide)

Costs and Prices

How much does it cost? If you want to enjoy premium option features, find the prices of the Christian Mingle subscriptions:

  • Pass 6 months: 14,99$ / month
  • Pass 3 months: 19,99$ / month
  • Pass 1 month: 29,99$ / month

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Christian Mingle subscription prices are in the average for dating sites.

Chritian Mingle App

Christian Mingle is also available as smartphone application. Thanks to this user-friendly application, you can browse profiles of local singles, find members that match your interest, send smile, upload photos and view all profil activity. Like computer version, you have to paid a subscrciption if you have to have all features.

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Our review on Christian Mingle

If faith if very important for you, Christian Mingle is probably the best Christian Dating Website.

Customer service is available and kind to help if needed.

The members are numerous and serious, the subscriptions are reasonable, this dating site is serious. Read our complete Christian Mingle review.

You are interested about find love with Christian Mingle? Join now, the registration is free.

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7 reviews from Christian Mingle members 4 votes, average: 3.25 out of 54 votes, average: 3.25 out of 54 votes, average: 3.25 out of 54 votes, average: 3.25 out of 54 votes, average: 3.25 out of 5

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Christian Mingle
  1. opinion - November 3, 2021 at 2:37 pm

    Religion is very important for me in my life and therefore in the couple. I am happy and I thank the fact that there are websites able to connect singles for whom religion, here Christian, is important. I registered on christian mingle and I confirm that the site allows to make meetings with many members. I have been able to chat with many of them, some in my city, others hundreds of miles away and they are beautiful meetings. I haven’t found love yet but I think it’s something that will happen soon and you have to be patient.

  2. opinion - July 21, 2021 at 12:30 pm

    I just create my profile on christian mingle and, like other single people, I hope to meet my christian soulmate on this dating site.

  3. opinion - April 1, 2021 at 2:40 pm

    am looking up to get a wife in this site am hoping to get a positive result.

  4. opinion - September 10, 2020 at 9:29 am

    Christian Mingle is the best site for Christiasns on the world.

  5. opinion - January 19, 2020 at 6:12 pm

    I’m a single christian since many years and a single parent. I’m looking for love again and I hove Christian Mingle can do this miracle to have a second chance. I want to meet someone with the same christian value, the personality test is perfect for that. To be continue.

  6. opinion - January 17, 2020 at 3:36 pm

    The best dating website to meet christian singles, for finding love, not expensive with a 6 month subscription.

  7. opinion - February 9, 2019 at 12:09 pm

    Not expensive with a 6 months membership, a lot of members. Christian Mingle is a good dating site for those for whom religion is important.

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