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Dating on free dating sites can be difficult because these free dating services are not always quality or reliable. There are nosy members, inactive users and sometimes even scammers.

Are you a single man or woman looking for the best dating site to get out of singlehood and find love but you can’t afford a subscription or you are a beginner in online dating?

There are hundreds of dating sites, some of which are indeed free, and others that make it look like they are free but are actually paid or with paid options.

To find out which are the best free and reliable dating sites, read our guide.

Which dating sites are free?

Almost all dating sites offer free registration with no obligation to put a credit card. Why? Because it allows you to test basic features like profile creation, the singles search engine and sometimes it allows you to send messages. Very rare are sites that ask to pay on registration. They are even to be avoided.

However, free trial does not mean totally free dating site. This is what you will learn below.

Free Trial VS freemium VS 100% totally free

There are 3 types of free dating sites. Those that offer a free trial, those that offer to use it for free with paid options (freemium) and the 100% free.

  • Free trial : you can register for free and test 80 % of the features but main features are paid like send and receive messages with your connections. You will have to take out a subscription. It remains a good offer to test a site without commitment. The subscription is per month with a commitment of 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 1 year.
  • Free with paid option (freemium) : you can register, and use 90% of the site’s features, even send and receive messages. These sites usually operate with a little advertising and offer optional paid options.
  • 100 % free : On these sites you can use everything, 100 percent of features for free, there are no paid options, no hidden fees. They work with display advertising.

How to check if a dating site is really free?

There are several ways to check if a dating site is really free. Here are some things to consider when evaluating whether or not a dating site is free:

  • Look for information about the site online. Check to see if the site clearly posts terms and conditions of use, as well as how the site is free to use.
  • Check online user reviews. Reviews from other users can give you an idea of how free the site really is.
  • Test the site yourself. Register with the site and use it for a few days to see if you can use all the features for free.
  • Contact the site’s customer service. If you have any doubts about whether the site is free, don’t hesitate to contact the customer service to ask your questions and get clear answers.

In general, it is important to be careful with dating sites that claim to be free, but in reality impose hidden fees or paid subscriptions to use certain features. Be careful and take the time to check out before committing to a dating site.

Best Free Dating Sites

The dating sites below offer free registration with the ability to test free features such as profile creation, singles search and message sending.

Then the free service stops here. To send and / or reply to singles you will have to pay. In this case, compare the subscription costs carefully, watch out for trial periods with automatic subscription at the end of the period. Note that some dating sites are free for women and paid for men. Free dating sites for men are rare if not non-existent.a

Examples of dating sites with free registration.

1. eharmony


eharmony is a dating site with free trial that offers to date singles looking for a serious relationship. A personality test at registration will put you in touch with compatible singles.

❤️ Eharmony is more for singles between 25 and 50 years old who prefer quality to quantity with a selection of compatible singles. Probably the best dating experience.

📱 Application available.

💰 Registration and free trial but not totally free

2. SilverSingles

SilverSingles is a dating site for singles over 50 looking for a serious relationship. It offers a free trial to test the majority of the site’s features. It also offers a personality test and a compatibility algorithm.

❤️ SilverSingles is more for men and women over 50, still professionally active, financially comfortable, who want quality singles.

📱 Application available.

💰 Registration and free trial but not totally free

3. Zoosk

zoosk homepage

Zoosk is a dating site that has become very popular along with social networks as it is a social dating network for fun, friendship and serious dating. It also offers a free trial.

❤️ Zoosk is more for singles between 25 and 40 years old, looking for a casual encounter.

📱 Application available.

💰 Registration and free trial but not totally free

4. Match usa

The biggest online dating site: free registration andand hundreds of thousands of single members looking for a serious relationship. Match has been one of the most popular dating sites in the US for over 10 years.

❤️ Match is for singles from 25 to 50 when looking for a serious relationship.

📱 Application available.

💰 Registration and free trial but not totally free

5. OurTime

ourtime homepage

Senior dating site with millions Over-50 of members, OurTime is probably the best who can help you seeking the right person. Try it if you are over 50, they have a free trial offer.

❤️ OurTime is for singles aged 50 and over who are looking for a serious relationship.

📱 Application available.

💰 Registration and free trial but not totally free

6. Elite Singles

elite singles homepage

Elite Singles is a dating site dedicated to ambitious singles, looking for a long-term commitment. High-end service at the key with ambitious profiles. A personality test at registration with over 70 questions will put you in touch with compatible singles. Free trial offer.

❤️ EliteSingles is for singles between 30 and 50 years old with a comfortable income level who want to date quality singles.

📱 Application available.

💰 Registration and free trial but not totally free

7. Badoo

Badoo is a free online dating website launched in November 2006. It’s one of the most popular dating-focused social networking sites. It offers millions of single members around the world. For casual encounters, serious relationships or friendships.

It is a premium site because it is possible to send and receive messages for free. Some options are paid but do not prevent the use of the site.

❤️ Badoo is for singles between 20 and 40 years old looking for friendship, casual encounters or love.

📱 Application available.

💰 It is possible to send and receive messages for free, within certain limits.

8. Tinder

Tinder is a popular dating App also available on desktop (pc, mac). This is the application that popularized dating with the SWIPE movement. You have to indicate, just with the photo, if a profile interests you or not. If it’s mutual, it’s a match!

It is possible to use Tinder for free in a limited number of SWIPEs and matches per day. To have an unlimited number of SWIPEs and other features, you will need to take out a Tinder membership.

❤️ Tinder is for singles between 20 and 40 years old looking for a casual or romantic encounter.

📱 Application available.

💰 It is possible to send and receive messages for free, within certain limits.

9. Plenty of fish (POF)

POF, also named Plenty of Fish is an app and a dating site for hookup, long-term relationship or friends. It has hundreds of thousands of users in the US alone.

POF is almost free, there are The POF service is very popular in the USA and Canada because thanks to its advertising funding, the vast majority of its features are free.

❤️ POF is more for singles between 20 and 40 years old who want to get into a relationship.

📱 Application available.

💰 It is possible to send and receive messages for free, within certain limits.

10. Bumble

bumble free

Bumble was created by a former Tinder employee. Even though it is an application it is possible to use it as a computer dating site. Bumble offers similar functionalities to Tinder, except that on Bumble it is up to the woman to send the first message.

❤️ Bumble is more for single men and women, between 25 and 40 years old, looking for high quality dating.

📱 Application available.

💰 It is possible to send and receive messages for free, within certain limits.

11. Okcupid


Okcupid is a dating site dedicated to quick, fun and one night relationship. Okcupid is not a dating site for singles looking for a serious relationship.

Creating an account is free as well as sending messages (within a certain limit). Some options are paying like the boost to be put in front or the acknowledgement of receipt of messages.

❤️ OkCupid is more for singles between 30 and 50 years old looking for fun relationships with singles.

📱 Application available.

💰 It is possible to send and receive messages for free, within certain limits.

12. Coffee Meets Bagel (CMB)

Coffee Meets Bagel (CMB) is a dating app for singles looking for a serious relationship.

Every day, at noon, you will receive matches (called Bagels) carefully pre-selected for you, so you won’t have to SWIPE all day.

The difference with other sites or apps is that on Coffee Meets Bagel you will have quality suggested profiles and if you start the conversation, you will have 7 days to exchange and know if you want to go further. After the 7 days the messaging system closes.

❤️Serious high quality dating with functionality that requires not spending too much time in writing and seeing each other face to face.

📱 Application available.

💰 Liking/passing and chatting with suggested matches, are free to use.

Which free dating site should I register with? Which one will work for you? Our summary table of all free dating sites.

RankNameAge rangeFree TrialTotally freeAppQuality of the members
1eharmony25 – 55YesNoYesVery good
2SilverSingles+ 50YesYesYesVery good
3Zoosk25 – 50YesNoYesGood
4Match25 – 55YesNoYesVery good
5OurTime+ 50YesNoYesVery good
6Elite Singles30 – 55YesNoYesVery good
7Badoo18 – 30YesNoYesGood
8Tinder20 – 40YesNoYesGood
9POF20 – 40YesNoYesGood
10Bumble20 – 40YesNoYesGood
111tense20 – 55YesYesYesGood
12Welovesdates20 – 55YesYesNoMedium
13Facebook Dating+ 40YesYesNoMedium

To date, there is no affinity dating site with a free personality test.

Free Dating Site: Pros and Cons

Using a free dating site is attractive, there is nothing to pay! Still, looking for a serious relationship and finding love on a free dating site can be very difficult. Here is the list of pros and cons.


  • use the whole site for free,
  • usend and receive unlimited messages,
  • ulots of singles profiles.


  • As it’s free, there are scammers, with fake photos,
  • many profiles including many inactive,
  • there are more single men than women,
  • difficult to find a serious relationship,
  • there is no smartphone application,
  • favors quantity of profile over quality.

Meet serious singles on a free dating site can be difficult. Serious dating sites usually pay off because it is a way to meet seriouse singles. These singles are exclusively looking for romantic encounters, serious relationship and a soul mate. Quite the opposite of fun dating.

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