Best free dating sites for serious relationships

By Alexandre (admin), last updated on January 5, 2023

Want to meet serious singles who are looking for a stable and lasting relationship?

Many single men and women are looking for a partner to share time with.

Online dating services are a very effective way to find singles. However, many of these serious dating services are not free.

So on this page, you will find only the best free dating services on which it is possible to make serious encounters, for free, without paying.

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Top 6 free dating sites for serious relationship

All the free dating services below are available in application and in dating site.

You can either click on the name of the dating site to find out more (reviews, rates, etc) or click on the “visit” button to check out the dating site.

1. 1tense, the best 100% free

1tense is the only 100% free service we have found for serious dating. You don’t know it yet? It’s normal! This service originates from France and has recently opened to the English market (USA, Canada, UK, Australia…).

As far as the functionalities are concerned, the classic dating sites: search for profiles according to criteria or geolocation, match system, etc.

This service, available as an application and as a dating site, is really 100% free and at no time will you be asked to pay.

👍Pro: A 100% free service, member files with mandatory photo, intended only for singles looking for love.

👎Con: As this is a new service in the US there are not as many members as on other dating services… yet!

2. tinder, most popular dating app

The most famous and popular dating service, Tinder is mainly used on mobile application although it is also possible to use it on the internet.

Tinder is the application that popularized “quick” dating with a SWIPE system that allows you to tell in a movement of fingers if you are interested in a single or not just with the photo.

So, if Tinder is not only for serious encounters, there are still many stable couples who have formed thanks to it.

👍Pro: Tinder is more about quantity than quality but it is possible to meet serious people for free if you are selective about the profiles.

👎Cons: On Tinder there are many profiles, some of which are not only looking for serious dating. There are curious people and quick dates.


3. POF, go fishing!

Pof, also called Plenty of fish is a dating service created in Canada and very popular in North America.

It offers to meet people for friends or romantic relationships. Its difference with other dating platforms is that it offers a personality test at registration in order to offer you compatible services.

The Plenty Of Fish service is almost entirely free with many features that you would find on a paid dating site.

👍Pro: The personality test is the real difference offered by this dating service.

👎Cons: Most of the members of this dating service are young, between 20 and 30 years old.

4. badoo, for international dating

Badoo is a very popular dating platform worldwide.

Created long before Tinder, Bumble, etc., it is Badoo that innovated with its principle of dating platforms where it is possible to chat for free with other people and that offers some paid options for the highlighting of profile or virtual gifts.

Badoo is intended for singles looking for a love relationship but also for people who just want to make virtual friends.

👍Pro: Very popular dating platform, partially free, possibility to meet people all over the world.

👎Con: There will not only be singles looking for a serious and loving date.

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5. bumble, priority to women

Bumble is a dating service that is only a few years old and yet is already recognized. It was created by a former co-founder of Tinder.

The Bumble dating service makes the difference on two points. The first one is that it gives the hand to the women since it is up to them to write the first message. Secondly, because it is possible on Bumble to meet people for business, friends and for love.

It is possible to use Bumble for free within a certain limit of use per day.

👍Pro: if you are looking for a dating service that gives priority to women, this is a good service.

👎Con: if you are a man, you must have a very good profile to receive a message from a woman, otherwise you may have to wait a long time.

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6. hinge, designed to be deleted

Hinge is not a dating site but a dating application whose slogan is “the application designed to be deleted”.

The goal of Hinge is to make you meet the right person so that you can delete the application afterwards.

The majority of Hinge’s features are free of charge, only a few other features have to be paid for.

👍Pro: An application that wants you to find the right person to be deleted is atypical and a strong promise.

👎Con: This dating application, as it is atypical, does not have enough members yet.

Advantages and disadvantages of a free dating site

The pros of a serious and free dating site: On a free dating site, you are bound to have a large number of members, so there is a good chance of finding singles near you. Another positive point, as the site is free, you are almost certain that it will be able to answer you.

The cons of a serious and free dating site: On free dating sites you can have a lot of curious people, people who will meet several people at the same time and even fake profiles that will give you their whatsapp address, snap, etc. It is therefore more complicated to make a serious meeting on a free site. You will have to be more patient.

Free vs Paid dating site

It is not always easy to find your way between free and paid dating services.

Most dating services offer free registration. With this free registration, you can create a profile and search for singles in your area. Depending on the dating service, the profile picture can be blurred or not.

Then, depending on the dating service, you can either send messages within a certain daily limit, or not at all.

This is where the dating service becomes chargeable. To send more messages or to simply have access to the messaging service, you will have to take out a subscription.

So, who are the free dating services and the paid dating services for, especially when looking for a serious relationship?

On a free dating site for serious relationship, you will have more profile but less quality. Indeed, everyone can register, there will be a lot of curious people and it will require a lot of moderation work for the platform to keep a good quality. That’s why, often, free dating sites and applications are more for casual than serious dating. The big advantage is that you don’t have to pay anything.

On a paid dating site for serious relationship, you will have less profiles but more quality. Complete profiles, committed singles looking for a serious relationship. Usually these singles have a 3 or 6 month commitment and are therefore active in looking for a partner. The big advantage is the seriousness of the members.

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