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By Alexandre (admin), last updated on January 5, 2023

Are you over 50 and want to know if Zoosk is a suitable dating service for seniors? Are there many users over 50 on this platform? We tested for you Zoosk in Senior version and we tell you everything: how to find zoosk senior profiles, zoosk membership, free features and our review.

How to find seniors on Zoosk

You have created your account on Zoosk and now you want to find singles over 50 on Zoosk. To do so, click on the image on the right of the search tab.

You will then have access to advanced search options. On the new screen you will be able to choose the age range of singles you are looking for.

In the case of Zoosk Senior, we have set the age range to 50 to 78. It is not possible to do more than 78 years old.

And good news, Zoosk does find singles over 50. However, it must be recognized that, compared to dating sites specialized for senior, Zoosk has a small database of members over 50 years old. According to our test, it is possible to find singles within 15 miles (30 km), but sometimes you’ll have to travel over 62 miles (100 km) to find more.

Zoosk Senior Cost

Zoosk works with a subscription system and virtual currency. If the subscription is optional at the time of the inscription and for the global use of the site, it allows all the same a major functionality of Zoosk: the instant messaging.

The price of the Zoosk Senior subscription is the same as for Zoosk Cost.

  • Pass 12 months : $14.95 / month
  • Pass 6 months : $14,95 / month
  • Pass 3 months : $24,95 / month
  • Pass 1 month : $34,95 / month

The longer the subscription period, the better the price. Note that if you take for example a 6 months subscription, you will have to pay the 6 months in one payment.

Unsubscribing is easy and can be done from the customer account. Here again, it is important to note that if you cancel your subscription after 2 months, the unused months will not be refunded.

Zoosk Senior Free

Ok but then, what is it possible to do on Zoosk for free?

As with most dating services, you can create a free account, fill in your profile with content, browse singles’ profiles using the search engine.

In order to demonstrate all the free features of Zoosk Senior, we have made a video.

Then, to contact singles you will have to take a subscription. Unless the single has a Premium account. In this case you will be able to contact them for free.

Zoosk Senior: our quick review

Let’s say it right away, Zoosk is not a dating service specializing in people over 50.

However, Zoosk is a good casual dating site, with a simple and fun interface, an offer to contact premium singles for free and it still has a few hundred thousand users worldwide.

So, if you want to meet casuals with singles over 50, and you don’t mind the distance, Zoosk may be for you. To learn more, read our full Zoosk review.

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