Match Group: $3.2 billion in revenues by 2022

By Alexandre (admin), last updated on March 23, 2023

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As every quarter and at the beginning of each year, the American Match Group, leader of the online dating market, has unveiled its figures to investors, including the turnover, 3.2 billion dollars in 2022, but also the breakdown according to brands or continents.

Key figures

Some key figures to remember for 2022:

  • 3.2 billion dollars in sales
  • 515 million dollars in profit
  • 16.1 million paying users
  • More than 50% of the dating is occupied by one of the Match Group brands

Sales up, profits down

While the +7% increase in revenue compared to the previous year is good news, net profit is down to $515 million from $852 million last year. Is this the boomrang effect of COVID after two exceptional years?

To reassure investors, the group specifies that the gross profit is well up. Indeed, the year 2022 was marked by an increase in fixed costs and other expenses of 18%, including increased development costs (recruitments, etc.). Sales and marketing expenses, on the other hand, fell by 12%.

chiffre d'affaires match

Note that of the $3.2 billion in revenue, display advertising only accounts for $58.6 million. All the rest of the revenue is generated by subscriptions.

Tinder, still the cash cow of the Match group

In the Match Group ecosystem you have Tinder, Hinge, Match Meetic, POF, Okcupid, etc. And remember two figures: $3.2 billion in revenue and 16.1 million paying users.

Well, Tinder alone has $1.79 billion in sales and 10.8 million paying users. Impressive when you consider that Match was launched in 2012, barely 10 years ago, and that monetization was only launched in 2015.

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It is on the Tinder product that the Match group is going to focus its investments and efforts with many new features expected for 2023 such as developments on profiles, more personalized matches, a virtual currency, new payment methods, etc.

Everything needed to increase the number of paying users and therefore the turnover.

roadmap tinder

The USA, still the first market for Match Group

Although the Match Group has a whole ecosystem of brands, some of them are reserved for certain countries for cultural reasons or simply following strategic acquisitions. They are not all displayed, for example Disons Demain, OurTime…

Marques du groupe Match

Tinder is the top brand of the Match group with users all over the world. Hinge is a brand that the group has recently bought, and on which the group is betting a lot, with a similar positioning but perhaps more modern than Match and Meetic. The other groups are under perfusion, they are profitable but do not seem to be a priority.

On 3.2 billion dollars of turnover here is the distribution:

  • 1.62 billion for the USA
  • 848 billion for Europe
  • 652 billion for the rest of the world

Match Group’s opportunities for 2023

Despite all these excellent figures, the American group does not intend to stop in 2023.

  • First opportunity, according to their figures, whether in North America or in Europe, one out of two singles has never tried a single Match Group dating product.
  • The second opportunity, markets still under-exploited by the group such as Latin America, Asia or Africa.
  • The third opportunity, the new Hinge brand for which the brand is aiming at a turnover of 400 million dollars in 2023.

See you in early 2024 to find out if Match will have succeeded in increasing its user base worldwide and the profitability of its Tinder application. What will happen to the other brands of the group if they end up representing only a small percentage of the turnover for excessive marketing expenses? To be continued…

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