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Christian Mingle is an important Christian dating site in the USA, with more than 12 000 00 members and 20+ years of online matchmaking experience. You can meet single men and women for whom faith is important. Bellow, our full review of Christian Mingle from registration to de-registration.

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Registration steps

First, to join Christian Mingle, you have to respect all registration steps. The registration is very quick and easy. About 5 minutes for us.

  1. Personnal information : first name, last name, birthday date, city where you live ;
  2. Add photos : one ore more, not mandatory ;
  3. More detailled information : height, martial status, religion, chruch attendance, kids, level of education ;
  4. Your description : some lines about you ;
  5. What are you looking for : to help christian mingle to find the best matches ;
  6. Common interests : sports, activites, entertainment, travel, music, eats and drinks.

By giving all those informations when you signup, you will have more relevant profiles.

Do not worry, if you hesitate, it is quite possible to modify this information after registration.

Paid a membership? Not mandatory !

At the end of the registration, Christian Mingle suggests Premium membership that you take out a subscription and presents the additional features that you will have thanks to it.

  • Send & receive messages with other paid subscribers
  • See if and when other users have read your messages
  • Hide your online status and profile from browse & matches
  • Anonymously browse profiles

It’s not mandatory!

You can skip by clicking Get All Features and, on the next page, click on Bring me back button.

You access to Christian Mingle Free Trial, without credit card, thanks to this trick.

Browse all profiles

You can now browse all Christian Mingle profiles. There are some filters to know :

  • new profiles : last Christian Member Profiles
  • online profiles from your city and nearby.
  • by distance : the singles closest to you.
  • Match % : the most compatible singles profiles according to your common interests.
  • lookbook : tinder system like, christian mingle select a profile and you say cross or heart.

Christian Mingle’s interface is very easy to use. It making things easy for people looking for love.

In our case, we appreciate that there are hundreds of womens profiles compatible with our research.

We even received several email alerts from singles interested in our profile. A good point!

Be reassured, the photos are not blurred. We blurred the photos of the members ourselves for our test.

See singles profiles and activities

You can visit all Christian Mingles profiles for free.

On a profil, you can see a picture, send a like or a wink. To send a message and to see more than one picture, you have to paid a membership.

You can also see a short description and interests.

Our recommandation is to send like and wink to interesting singles. If you have one or many aswers, taking a paid membership could be relevant.

Christian Mingle Premium Membership

Do you have a profile that arouses interest? Have you spotted a lot of singles who responded to your likes and winks?

It may be worth considering taking out a Christian Mingle Premium subscription.

Christian Mingle subscriptions prices are calculated according to the profile. Prices can therefore vary by a few dollars.

In our case, the 6 month subscription is the most interesting. Payment is secured by credit card.

Spotlight option

Spotlight is paid premium feature available on the Christian Mingle site and app. This add-on allows you to boost your profile to show up more frequently at the top of other members’ Browse results.

30 Day Spotlight : $14.99
7 Day Spotlight : $6.99
1 Day Spotlight : $2.99

Manage subscription and delete profile is easy

Have you found love? Or you no longer want to be registered with Christian Mingle?

Whatever the reason, it is very easy to unsubscribe from Christian Mingle service.

If you have a paid subscription, you must first go to your account, and click on Manage Subscription.

Once you have terminated your subscription, you can delete your Christian Mingle account by clicking on Profile Display Settings.

Thats it!

ChristianMingle App

Christian Mingle dating website is also available in app, Android and iOS.

Very easy to use, you can either create a new account from this application or use an existing account that you have created on the Christian Mingle website.

The interest of using the Christian Mingle application is to be reactive when a single contacts you or to be able to consult the list of singles from anywhere.

christian mingle app

Conclusion: Christian Mingle is a Complete and Trusted Site for Singles

Christian Mingle is definitely a good dating site and a great option for singles Christians for whom religion is important in a relationship.

Registration is quick and easy, the number of profiles is high quality, the subscription price is reasonable and it is easy to test the dating site without paying and then unsubscribe if necessary.

Christian Minge also has some important processes in place to detect and suspend fake profiles. A good point!

Need to make your won opinion? Want to try Christian Mingle for free?

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  1. Comment from rachel -April 15, 2022 at 10:03 am

    Christian Mingle is definitely the best christian dating site. For me the Christian religion is important. I could not see myself being in a relationship with a non-believer. I created an account with a 3 month subscription and was able to have great conversations with singles across several states. I met someone after 2 months through the website and so far the relationship is pleasant. I hope he is the one.

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