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If the registration to the online dating site Match is free, it is preferable to subscribe to benefit from all the features. Be assured, the payment of a subscription is secure and is done by credit card. logoMatch 2021 subscription prices

Below, all the different Match subscriptions.


Match Standard Plan subscription

  • Pass 12 months: $7,99 / month
  • Pass 6 months: $9,99 / month
  • Pass 3 months: $12,99 / month

Let there be no misunderstanding, the 3 months, 6 months and 12 months subscriptions are billed at once.
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From time to time Match offers promotions, with 30% off all subscriptions.

Match features with subscription

Fee based Services (premium)
Receive and replay messages from other users
Send messages to both paid and free users
Receive notification when your messages are seen by the recipient
Meet singles IRL with match events

Match Premium Plan subscription

  • Pass 12 months: $20,99 / month
  • Pass 6 months: $22,99 / month
  • Pass 3 months: $38,99 / month

With premium plan subscription you have access to Zen Mode an Boost Mode.

Zen Mode option
Zen Mode means that only profiles that match your chosen criteria can contact you.

Match boost
You can increase how easy it is for your profile to be viewed in the hopes of increasing your matches.

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Price difference between men and women?

If for years Match favored the rates of its subscriptions to the advantage of women, this in order to promote the parity man / woman in its website, it is no longer the case.

Mentalities have now evolved and Match has understood this. The subscription price for boys and girls is the same price!

What about the Match Free subscription?

There is currently no free Match subscription. Also, the Match 3 days free offer does not exist anymore.

Indeed, to test the seriousness of its dating site, Match offered to test its site for free for 3 days without commitment.

To find out more, go to our Match Free Trial page. free trial

For a free trial register at match, click on the picture below.
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