eHarmony vs Match: Who is the Best?

By Alexandre (admin), last updated on September 21, 2023

If you are looking for a serious relationship online, you might have heard of two of the most popular dating sites: eHarmony and Match. Both claim to have millions of users, high success rates, and advanced features to help you find your ideal partner. But which one is better for you?

In this article, we will compare eHarmony and Match on the following aspects: features, type of singles, popularity, costs, and free trial. By the end of this article, you will have a clear idea of which site suits your needs and preferences better.


Both eHarmony and Match have a lot of features to help you find and communicate with potential matches. However, they differ in how they match you with other users.

eHarmony uses a compatibility matching system that is based on a 29-dimension personality test. This test measures your traits, values, and interests, and then suggests compatible matches for you. You can only see the profiles that eHarmony chooses to show you, and you cannot search for other users on your own. eHarmony also has a guided communication feature that helps you break the ice with your matches by sending pre-written questions and answers.

Match, on the other hand, allows you to search for potential matches based on your own criteria, such as age, location, and interests. You can also browse through the profiles of other users and see who viewed or liked your profile. Match also provides daily matches that are based on your preferences and behavior on the site. You can communicate with your matches through standard messaging, chat, or video call. Match also has a feature called Match Me that lets you appear higher in the search results of someone you are interested in.

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Type of Singles

Both eHarmony and Match cater to singles who are looking for a serious relationship or marriage. However, they have different target audiences and demographics.

eHarmony is more focused on users who are looking for long-term relationships and who are willing to invest time and money into finding their perfect match. eHarmony attracts mainly singles who are over 30 years old, educated, and religious. eHarmony also has a separate site for gay and lesbian singles called Compatible Partners.

Match is more diverse and inclusive in terms of its user base and the type of relationships it supports. Match welcomes singles of all ages, backgrounds, orientations, and goals. You can find both long-term and short-term daters on Match, as well as people who are looking for friendship or casual encounters. Match also has more female members than eHarmony, and is available in more countries.


Both eHarmony and Match are very popular dating sites that have millions of users worldwide.

eharmony vs match

However, Match has a larger and more active user base than eHarmony. According to SimilarWeb, Match had 35 million monthly visitors in August 2023, while eHarmony had only 5 million monthly visitors in the same month. 

Match also has more members in the US than eHarmony: 24% vs 14%. This means that you have more chances of finding potential matches on Match than on eHarmony.


Both eHarmony and Match require you to pay for a subscription if you want to access all their features and communicate with other users. However, eHarmony is slightly more expensive than Match when it comes to their subscription plans. Here are the current prices for both sites:

eHarmony cost:

  • $25.90 per month for 6 months
  • $35.90 per month for 3 months
  • $55.90 per month for 1 month

If you’d like to know more, find out all about eharmony costs, commitment periods and how to unsubscribe.

Match cost:

  • $11.99 per month for 12 months
  • $17.99 per month for 6 months
  • $26.99 per month for 3 months

Free Trial

Both eHarmony and Match offer free trials that allow you to create a profile and browse through other users’ profiles without paying anything. However, they have different limitations and conditions for their free trials.

eHarmony’s free trial lasts indefinitely, but you can only see a limited number of matches per day, and you cannot see their photos or send messages to them. You also need to complete the personality test before joining the site.

Match’s free trial lasts for 3 days, but you can see unlimited matches, photos, and messages during that period. You also don’t need to take any test before joining the site.


Both eHarmony and Match are great dating sites for singles who are looking for a serious relationship online. However, they have different strengths and weaknesses that may appeal to different types of users.

If you prefer a more guided and personalized approach to finding your ideal partner based on compatibility, then eHarmony may be the best choice for you. However, be prepared to pay more for their subscription plans and to have less control over who you can see and contact on the site.

If you like to have more freedom and flexibility in searching for potential matches based on your own preferences, then Match may be the best choice for you. However, be aware that you may encounter more casual daters and scammers on the site, and that you may need to spend more time and effort to find your perfect match.

Ultimately, the best dating site for you depends on your personal needs and preferences. You can try both sites for free and see which one works better for you. Good luck and happy dating!

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