Tinder: as expected, here are the app’s 6 new features

The Tinder app is far from resting! In November, we shared with you Tinder’s plans to launch new features before the end of the year.

Today, we’re delighted to reveal details of these updates, which promise to transform your experience on the app. In fact, if you’re already a user of the dating app, you’ve probably already noticed some of these new features.

tinder new features

A rejuvenated design for an improved experience

The first notable change is Tinder’s new design. With an updated user interface, smoother animations, and a new screen for the iconic “It’s a Match!”, Tinder makes every action on the app more special and engaging. This facelift isn’t just aesthetic, it’s also designed to make your swiping experience even more enjoyable.

We’ve noticed, however, that whereas it used to be possible to swipe down to get more information about users, you now have to press a little arrow.

tinder nouvelle version

At night, all swipes are grey: Dark Mode

For those who like to swipe discreetly or late at night, Tinder introduces “Dark Mode”. This feature, unique among major dating apps, takes into account both your preferences and your privacy. Perfect for those looking for their perfect match at all hours, without the glare! I’ve even heard it can save battery life!

Deeper conversations with questions

To stimulate more authentic and meaningful conversations, Tinder adds a questions feature. Users can select questions to answer, allowing them to express their personalities and engage in discussions beyond simple “likes” or “dislikes”. Questions like “The key to my heart is…” or “Two truths and a lie” promise to be perfect icebreakers.

These are features we’re already used to seeing on other services like Okcupid or Match.

Profile Quiz: discover your compatibility

The Profile Quiz is another fun innovation. Share your answers on your profile and discover your compatibility with potential matches through an entertaining but revealing quiz. Again, these are features we already have on Bumble, for example.

Basic info: more than just details

Basic info such as your pets, astrological sign and love language are now key elements of your profile. This makes for a more personalized approach and more interesting discussions.

Improved reporting system for greater security

Finally, Tinder is improving its flagging system, enabling users to report specific elements of a profile. This update guarantees a safer, more respectful experience for all.

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