SilverSingles Cost : all subscription prices April 2024

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You want to subscribe to a Silver Singles membership? SilverSingles is the home of serious dating for 50+ senior singles looking for love and companionship. SilverSingles has lots of great quality matches and is an excellent choice for all singles over 50 years old.

Still hesitating to join this online dating site for singles over 50? Before you sign up, learn everything there is to know about SilverSingles premium features and subscription prices. All SilverSingles costs and other information about membership bellow.

SilverSingles costs 2024 (USA)

SilverSingles Membership are available for a 3, 6 or 12 months commitment.

cost by monthtotal costtotal cost for 1 year
3 months$22.95$68.85$275.4
6 months$13.95$83.7$167.4
12 months$11.95$143.4$143.4
The above prices are without reduction.

The best choice depend on how long you allow yourslef to find love on Silver Singles.

As you can see, taking a 3 months membershtaking a renewable subscription every 3 months if you stay 1 year on the Silver Singles site is not interesting.

Some people find a great match their first week of online dating. But, from our experience, you need to invest in a 6 month subscription to find your new partner.

Most members with membership are looking for a serious relationship and a second chance at love. This is especially true of Silver Singles, where all singles are over 50. A 6-month subscription is therefore reasonable, even if you’ve set yourself the goal of finding love in 3, 4 or 5 months.

Silver Singles offers the following payment options: Mastercard, Visa, DIner’s Club, Paypal, and American Express.

Silver Singles Cost for Canada and Australia at the bottom of this page.

Compared to other dating sites for seniors, SilverSingles is really well positioned in terms of price. Based on a 6-month subscription, SilverSingles offers the best value for money.

SilverSingles costs vs competitors

3 months6 months

SilverSingles Paid features

Have you created a free account on SilverSingles and received likes, views and even messages? Most users in your situation have subsequently subscribed.

After trying Silver Singles for free, below the features offered by the paid subscription:

  • View personnality profile
  • Matchmaking results (based on a psychologist-backed personality test)
  • Read receipts for messages
  • Chat with singles
  • See all profile visitors
  • View all member photos
  • Use the mobile app
  • Unlimited communication

If you dont take a membership, you will not be able to take advantage of the major feature of Silver Singles which is to chat with other singles.

Because, let’s be clear, taking a subscription is mainly helpful to exchange messages with other singles.

This membership also gives you access to 20 wildcard matches every day.

Do you think you made a mistake in the questionnaire? You want to retake the test? No problem, just contact customer support team.

The customer support team of SilverSingles is genuinely concerned with your satisfaction and success with the use of their online dating service

Are there any promo codes or discounts?

Are you tempted to take out a subscription but looking for a way to get a cheaper price?

First of all there are no promo codes that work for SilverSingles. All the ones you’ll find on the internet are bogus. The reason is simple: it’s not possible to put a promo code in SIlverSingles.

Secondly, the site does offer discounts on subscription prices from time to time. To get access to them, we advise you to create a free account, then monitor your e-mail inbox and/or log on to the service regularly. SilverSingles may offer you an interesting discount on your subscription price.

How do I cancel my SilverSingles membership ?

Have you found love with a woman or a man over 50? Or you did not find it and you are disappointed? Either way, you can unsubscribe from Silver Singles.

Don’t worry, it’s really easy to unsubscribe and delete a Silver Singles account. Also when we are over the age of 50. We will help you: just follow these instructions:

Log in to the SilverSingles website with your usual login and password. Then, you just have to go into your account and there is a button to cancel membership and another to delete your account.

Note that, as for the majority of dating sites, the subscription is automatically renewed. If you do not cancel before the anniversary date of your subscription, it will be automatically renewed for the same period. Moreover, if you cancel well before the end of your subscription, the remaining time is due.

Does SilverSingles have a free trial?

Still hesitating? You want a Silver Singles free trial? Taking a paid membership when you subscribe to Silver Singles is not mandatory. How ? See our trick below :

You try SilverSingles dating site for free : When you create your account, you are asked to answer a personality test of more than 100 questions. 

After this test, you will be asked to take out a SilverSingles subscription. You can skip the payment screen by clicking on skip link on the top right of the screen like bellow.

With this trick, you have a free SilverSingles Basic account. With it, you can join the community, search over 50 people who are in the right area for you, and view potential profiles.

Is SilverSingles worth it in 2024?

If you’re looking for a dating site that specializes in singles over 50, there’s not much choice but OurTime or SilverSingles.

Discover the presentation of the SilverSingles dating service in our video.

The big difference between the two dating sites, OurTime and SilverSingles, is that SilverSingles offers a personality questionnaire upon registration to match you only with compatible singles. Where OurTime lets you search for singles on your own with its search engine. Both solutions are good. It depends on you, are you demanding, do you value quality over quantity and trust an algorithm, or do you prefer to be autonomous in the search for your future partner?

So, to answer the question, yes SilverSingles is still a good choice in 2024 to meet singles over 50 who are demanding.

All SilverSingles 2024 Costs by country

SilverSingles USA Costs

SilverSingles is available in USA. Here are the prices of Silver Singles subscriptions for USA users.

cost by monthtotal costtotal cost for 1 year
3 months$22.95$68.85$275.4
6 months$13.95$83.7$167.4
12 months$11.95$143.4$143.4
The above prices are without reduction.

SilverSingles Canada Costs

SilverSingles is also available in Canada. Here are the prices of Silver Singles subscriptions for Canada.

cost by monthtotal costtotal cost for 1 year
3 months$49.95$149.85$599.40
6 months$29.95$179.70$359.40
12 months$27.95$335.40$335.40
The above prices are without reduction.

SilverSingles UK costs

SilverSingles is also available in UK. Here are the prices of Silver Singles subscriptions for United Kingdom.

cost by monthtotal costtotal cost for 1 year
3 months£44.95£134.85£539.4
6 months£34.95£209.7£419.4
12 months£24.95£299.4£299.4

SilverSingles Australia Costs

SilverSingles is also available in Australia. Here are the prices of Silver Singles subscriptions for Australia.

cost by monthtotal costtotal cost for 1 year
3 months$34.95$104.85$419.40
6 months$19.95$119.70$239.40
12 months$14.95$179.40$179.40
The above prices are without reduction.

OurTime vs SilverSingles Costs

You may be hesitating between the two dating sites for singles over 50: ourtime and silversingles.

These two dating services have different features but maybe the price will make you choose one or the other.

OurTime costSilverSingles cost
1 month$23.99/month/
3 months$17.99/month$22.95/month
6 months$11.99/month$13.95/month
12 months/$11.95/month

We would like to point out that the above prices are for information purposes only and represent the prices that were posted to us when we registered with the various dating sites.

Overall, OurTime is less expensive than SilverSingles. This is normal, as OurTime focuses on quantity of members rather than quality. It also does not offer a personality test and compatibility algorithm like SilverSingles, which is why it is a bit cheaper.

The prices of OurTime and SilverSingles subscriptions may vary depending on the profile (man, woman, age) and on promotions.

SeniorMatch vs SilverSingles Costs

You may be hesitating between the dating service SeniorMatch and SilverSingles? Both dating sites offer similar features and are aimed at seniors looking for a serious relationship.

SeniorMatch costSilverSingles cost
1 month$29.95/month/
3 months$19.98/month$22.95/month
6 months$15.99/month$13.95/month
12 months/$11.95/month

As you can see, thanks to its promotions, SilverSingles manages to be cheaper on the 6 month subscription. On the 3 months subscription, SeniorMatch wins. However, this is only for a difference of 3 dollars per month.

In the end, SeniorMatch and SilverSingles have similar prices and it is not on the price that you can decide between the dating sites but on their features and their members.

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  1. Comment from Neal -October 6, 2022 at 1:12 pm

    The price of silversingles is very interesting, hardly more expensive than ourtime for a service one notch above. In addition silversingles sometimes offers promotions so it’s really interesting, especially with the 6 month subscription which really gives you time to make real dates.

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    Silversingles is a good dating site for people over 50. It is not very expensive compared to other sites. I took the 6 months subscription and I think that paying about $90 for 6 months access to the platform is very interesting especially since there are many quality single members and a free personality test. It’s the best choice for me.

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