Tinder study: singles’ preferred means of communication in 2023


In the world of online dating, learning and understanding singles’ communication preferences can be useful in optimizing your future encounters. And just that, Tinder has shared an interesting study, on how singles in 2023 prefer to interact. Below, discover singles’ preferred modes of communication, ranging from face-to-face meetings to video calls to text messages.

1. Meeting in person

Surprising but true, despite the digital age we live in, meeting in person remains the preferred means of communication for singles. This preference underlines a desire for authenticity and real connection. Face-to-face encounters offer an unparalleled opportunity to perceive body language, facial expressions and chemistry, all essential elements in assessing compatibility.

2. Texting

Texting ranks second, proving its indispensable role in the world of modern dating. Text messages enable fast, efficient communication, giving singles the flexibility to respond at their own pace. In a society where time is precious, texting enables contact to be maintained without the commitment of a telephone or face-to-face conversation.

3. Phone calls

Phone calls take third place. Although they seem somewhat retro in the age of social networking, calls offer a more personal connection than texting. They allow singles to familiarize themselves with each other’s voices, adding a personal dimension to the budding relationship. And that’s why so many apps have added voice messages to their features.

4. I forget to answer

Interestingly and somewhat ironically, “I forget to reply” also makes the list. This trend highlights the information overload and ephemeral nature of digital communications. In a world where we are constantly bombarded with notifications, forgetting to reply is becoming a common phenomenon. Anyone who hasn’t done so, please raise your hand!

5. Video calls

Finally, video calls rank fifth. Although less popular than other forms of communication, they offer a more intimate experience than texting or voice calls. Video calls allow singles to see each other in real time, creating a sense of closeness, especially in long-distance relationships. Yet while seeing each other in person ranks first, video calls rank last… perhaps because the camera can make you look bad?

This Tinder study reveals an interesting trend: despite the predominance of digital technologies, face-to-face communication remains paramount for singles. Texting and calling remain relevant, while video calling is emerging as a complement to traditional interactions. This panorama of singles’ communication preferences in 2023 offers valuable insight into the modes of communication you’ll need to prioritize in 2024!

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