Here are the top emojis to have in your Tinder bio in 2023


The year 2023 is drawing to a close, and it’s been a particularly eventful one for Tinder. On this occasion, the dating app shares a wealth of information about Tinder trends in 2023.

In particular, the top emojis used by singles on their bios in 2023 compared to 2022. So here are the emojis you should have had in your Tinder bios in 2023, which you may have used in your bio, but will probably no longer be trending in 2024!

🔛 – Adventure on the Horizon

2023 saw a significant increase in the use of the “🔛” emoji in Tinder bios, reflecting a thirst for adventure and new experiences among singles. This contrasts sharply with the “🅿” emoji of 2022, which was more focused on pause and reflection. This evolution suggests a growing desire to step out of the comfort zone and explore new opportunities, both in dating and in life in general.

🧉 – Yerba Maté: The New Health Trend

The “🧉” emoji, representing Yerba Maté, grew in popularity in 2023. Unlike the “❤🩹” emoji of 2022, which symbolized comfort after a disappointment in love, Yerba Maté represents a healthy lifestyle and an alternative to alcohol. This trend reflects a growing interest in wellness and health, an important dimension for modern singles in their relationships.

📿 – Zen and Mindfulness

The “📿” emoji emerged in 2023 as a symbol of peace of mind, zen and mindfulness, moving away from the “🚩” emoji of 2022, which was often used to signal warning signs or potential problems in a relationship. This shift towards more soothing, introspective values indicates a change in the priorities of singles, now seeking more balanced, serene relationships.

🩹 – On the Path to Healing

The growing use of the “🩹” emoji in 2023 signals a recognition of personal healing and growth after difficult experiences. This contrasts with the “🦘” emoji of 2022, which symbolized dynamism and activity. This evolution shows a growing awareness of the importance of emotional healing and resilience in the love journey.

💐 – Romanticism or Exaggeration?

The “💐” emoji, frequently used in 2023, oscillates between traditional romanticism and a certain exaggeration in declarations of affection, compared to the “🌫” emoji of 2022, which evoked uncertainty and ambiguity. This may indicate a return to classic romantic gestures, while acknowledging that sometimes these gestures can seem too intense or out of place.

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