eHarmony’s “Get Who Gets You” Campaign: Celebrating Authentic Connections in the Quirks of Daily Life


eHarmony, a pioneer in the online dating scene, has always been synonymous with fostering deep, meaningful connections. With over 2 million success stories, eHarmony‘s expertise in kindling real love is unquestionable. Their latest ad campaign, “Get Who Gets You”, takes this a step further by illustrating a profound truth: real connection often lies in life’s less romantic moments.

The Beauty in the Ordinary

Developed in collaboration with Party Land, an acclaimed comedy agency, and directed by Emma Seligman, the visionary behind “Bottoms” (2023) and “Shiva Baby” (2020), the campaign unveils a series of vignettes. These stories, captured through the lens of cinematographer Maria Rusche, celebrate the quirky, vulnerable moments that truly bind partners. From mourning a dead plant to the comfort of freshly dried laundry, these scenarios delve into the essence of understanding and accepting each other’s peculiarities.

Patrick Moore, Brand Lead at eHarmony, encapsulates the campaign’s spirit: “At eHarmony, we aim to help our members express their personality and individuality so they can make genuine connections where they feel comfortable being themselves.” This campaign is a testament to eHarmony’s commitment to showcasing the diversity and authenticity of real love.

eHarmony’s “Get Who Gets You” stands on the brand platform that emphasizes authentic connections. It challenges the traditional narratives of dating, suggesting that the healthiest relationships offer freedom, not constraints. This campaign bridges deep emotional connections with everyday life, highlighting the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Campaign Details

Launched in the United States in November 2023, “Get Who Gets You” is a Film medium campaign containing four media assets. It has been crafted for eHarmony by Party Land, targeting the Electronics and Technology industry audience.

eHarmony’s “Get Who Gets You” campaign is more than just an advertising strategy. It is a celebration of love in its most genuine form – where being silly, vulnerable, and real is not just accepted but cherished. It serves as a reminder that the true essence of a connection often lies in the mundane, everyday moments that, when shared with someone who truly understands you, become extraordinary.

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