When it comes to love, here are the values favoured by 18- to 24-year-olds


Are you young and looking for advice to meet new people? Or are you less young and looking for inspiration from the new generation? Find out what young people value when it comes to dating.

Today’s young adults are redefining the norms of dating. A recent survey conducted by Tinder reveals some interesting insights into what 18 to 24-year-olds value in romantic relationships. The results, drawn from a sample in the UK, USA and Australia, shed light on a paradigm shift in the quest for love.

Loyalty, a fundamental pillar

Loyalty emerges as the supreme value for the new generation, with 79% of young adults putting it first. In a world where the options seem endless, especially with dating apps, this quest for consistency and fidelity reflects a desire for emotional stability and mutual trust.

Respect: more than an expectation, a requirement

Respect follows closely behind, valued by 78% of respondents. This generation, more informed and connected than ever, understands the importance of mutual respect in a healthy relationship. Respect extends beyond mere manners to include understanding and acceptance of differences. And it can even extend beyond relationships.

Open-mindedness, the new sexy

Open-mindedness, favored by 61% of young people, reflects tolerance and curiosity about differences. This value is essential in a globalized world, where encounters transcend cultural and social boundaries, and where practices, genders and sexual orientations have evolved considerably.

Appearance takes a back seat

Interestingly, physical appearance only comes fourth at 56%, signalling a shift towards deeper, more personal criteria. This result demonstrates a move towards more authentic relationships, where personality and shared values take precedence over looks.

The search for authentic connections

This generation favors authentic relationships, based on shared interests and causes. This phenomenon illustrates an evolution in relationship expectations, where shared passions and mutual commitments are becoming key foundations.

Contrary to what we might have thought because of social networking, today’s young adults bring a new perspective to romantic relationships. They are looking for partners who share core values of loyalty, respect and open-mindedness.

This trend marks a shift towards more meaningful relationships, where quality of connection takes precedence over superficial attributes. An inspiration for other generations?

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