Making a successful profile and description on a dating service

Often, we see a certain dichotomy in dating between the real world and the dating applications.

The distance between people disappears, social relationships are distorted, and it feels like we are in a parallel world: a real metaverse.

However, despite the distortion, the markers of seduction remain unchanged, whether they are social, psychological or physical.

Like the stock market, where rational and irrational are equally present, in seduction, you have to set up a strategic plan that you will execute to the letter and from which you will deviate as little as possible.

What is the framework of this plan in order to succeed in your profile and description? Here are the instructions with strategy and tactics. For the impatient, a summary at the end.

Strategy: define your target

Before trying to please, you have to know who you want to please because if you have registered on a dating site, it is because you want to give a little push to destiny, and this requires a certain tact. You cannot remain passive and do the reverse scarecrow, it will be a failure. And before you act, you need to target a whole bunch of parameters.

Define your objective

What is your goal? Do you want a serious relationship or do you want to flit from one conquest to another? In the first case, a serious dating, give your profile the images and words that resemble you the most, your approach must be sincere, transparent. In the case of a one-night stand, it is up to you to adapt by putting forward the most general characteristics possible before avoiding any premature elimination, put forward federative preferences such as the preservation of the environment or the fight against injustice (without specifying which one at the beginning).

Analyze your dream target

Study the demographic, behavioral and psychographic characteristics of the ideal profile you want to match. Is he or she far from your home? What attributes would you like to see? Is the description of your crush written in a sustained register? The goal here is to set up the mirror effect. Like a chameleon, you blend into the mold of the person you covet because pleasing someone is also synonymous with having to please those around you. And the best way to get into an entourage is to be similar to it. For your photos, put some specific objects or outfits in evidence to activate this effect.

Segment your target

Have you noticed that a certain profile reacts well to humor? Keep it up, persevere in the logic of your actions to bring stability to an online dating market that is anything but stable.


Find the phase you can’t miss. You match your potential conquests with the precise actions to be taken according to a common profile group. The person looks sad and you want a serious relationship? Show that the way out of their slump is in you. The profile has no photo and you are in butterfly mode? Play the adventurer and give a like since there is nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Position yourself in relation to the competition

In your description, don’t hesitate to denigrate with humor (and only with humor) such and such a profile’s cliché, even if it’s yours. This will bring down other competitors or give you a touch of self-mockery if you are the profile in question.

Plan your communication strategy

In seduction, everything has a role: the actions themselves, the time of day you converse and especially the frequency of your messages. Establish a timing that will make your conquest follow. Do you want to see her quickly? Set up an average message frequency (every 15 minutes) with spikes in frequency when it’s caliente, then slow it down abruptly before setting the appointment time. If you’re looking for a longer relationship, send a message a day, you’ll see that it will work in the long run.

Tactics: hit your target

As Clausewitz said, war never follows plans, there is always a deviation between theory and practice: the famous friction. It is the same in seduction. (with the exception of X plans). Don’t forget that you are entering a slippery slope, however your pleasure can be proportional to the risks you take. So how do you achieve this pleasure?

Implementing the tactic

The higher you aim, the greater your results, but the heavier the fall. This is the moment when you set up the scale of the implementation. The trade-off between free and paid versions is essential, especially in butterfly mode where the paid version will give you incredible time and freedom. The second key point is the arbitration of your behavior. It is your discipline that will bring the fruits of your labor. Give likes every day by varying the slots, the locations, sometimes even the descriptions. Success is in the means you give yourself and in their execution.

Evaluation and adjustment

Sometimes it takes time and patience to see those results. Sometimes you will be off the mark. It could be a description that is too grotesque, a photo that smells like insecurity. In this case, an audit of your profile is necessary by yourself or by a close friend. The sooner you do this, the faster and more effective the adjustment will be.


Dating sites may seem to be out of the metaverse, but it is the reality. So remember these precautions: privacy, transparency, ethics, responsible use and respect for the law. This will reassure your partner and it will not outlaw you.

In summary, to avoid early elimination

  1. Write a clear and concise description: Write a description that describes you in an interesting way and makes other users want to contact you. Avoid long and general descriptions, and emphasize your strengths.
  2. Choose an attractive profile photo: Select a photo that shows off your best profile and shows your smile. Choose a recent photo that represents you well.
  3. Be selective: Don’t reply to every message you receive or contact everyone you are interested in. Select the people you want to connect with and talk to.
  4. Respond in a timely manner: Respond to messages from other users as soon as possible. If you take too long
  5. Don’t be too pushy: If you don’t get a response from a user, don’t harass them. Send them a polite and respectful message and wait for their response.
  6. Stay polite and respectful: When chatting with other users, stay polite and respectful. Avoid comments that may offend or embarrass others.

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