Top Transgender Dating Sites and Apps for Singles in the USA

By Frédéric Cornet, last updated on August 24, 2023

Are you looking for a booty call with a transgender person? Are you transgender and want to register on a dating site or app for serious relationship?

It’s perfectly normal: transgender people are fascinating, beautiful and exciting. A recent study by the serious William Institute, estimates that there are about 0.5% of adults who are trans in the USA, that’s about 1.6 million people!

Thanks to the internet, websites and apps, it’s never been easier to meet them. However, in the face of this craze, a number of services have sprung up. Some are serious, others should be avoided.

We’ve tested them for you, sorted them according to our preference, and listed pros and cons of each.

10 Best trans dating sites & apps

We have referenced at least twenty transgender dating services. We’ve selected 10 best hookup dating sites with trans.

1. Trans Nextdoor

trans nextdoor
Trans Nextdoor

Let’s start with the one that gets straight to the point: Trans Nextdoor. It’s a dating site reserved for people over 18 looking for a booty call with trans women. On this site, unlike the others, it’s not about serious, lasting encounters, but only about dating for sex.

On this service, you can indicate your physical preferences: trans women who are rather slim, athletic, with big breasts or big buttocks. You can also choose the age range you’re looking for. These range from 18 to over 45. The type of relationship will also be requested: a one-night stand, a regular booty call, or a free, non-exclusive relationship. Finally, you’ll be asked whether you’re looking for trannies in your city, area, state or nationwide. What’s great is that as soon as you register, the site will tell you how many trannies match your criteria (over 200 in our case).


  • ✅ Mostly for booty calls
  • ✅ Free register
  • ✅ Registration with personalized criteria
  • ✅ We know the number of trans as soon as we register


  • ❌ Not for serious relationships
  • ❌ You don’t see the members until you register
  • ❌ Not widely known, there are more trans women than men

2. Mytransgenderdate

mytransgender date

Probably one of our favorite sites for meeting trans people. It’s all about connecting transgender people with people of the opposite gender for serious relationships. And yes, unlike Trans nextdoor, Mytransgenderdate matches people up for serious, loving relationships. It’s perfectly normal: not every trans person on earth is looking for a booty call, and some want to settle down for a good story.

On Mytransgender Date you can meet people from all over the world. It’s an international dating service that aims to become the leader in its niche. We liked the interface, which offers all the features of a serious dating site, and the fact that the site is 100% free for transgender people. For people of the opposite gender, such as men, registration is indeed free, and you can view users’ profiles, but you’ll then need to take out a subscription to contact trans people. The good news is that since it’s free for them, you’re almost certain to get a response!


  • ✅ For serious relationship
  • ✅ International dating
  • ✅ Free registration for men
  • ✅ 100% free for transgender people


  • ❌ Not for booty calls
  • ❌ Some cities may be short of members

3. Butterly


Never heard of Butterfly? But it’s an interesting platform! Butterfly, available as a website and as an android and iphone app, offers dating for transgender women and men. It’s designed to help you make serious and loving friends. The interface is very modern, and the team is very attentive to the quality of profiles and the security of personal data.

Butterfly is also open to all genders Agender, Androgyne, Bigender, FTM, Gender Fluid, Gender Nonconforming, Gender Questioning, Gender Variant, Genderqueer, Intersex, MTF, Pangender, Transgender, Transgender Female, Transgender Male, Transgender Person, Transsexual, Transsexual Female, Transsexual Male, Transsexual Person, Two-Spirit… That’s a lot, there’s something for everyone.


  • ✅ For serious relationship
  • ✅ International dating
  • ✅ Free registration and many free features like messaging
  • ✅ For all gender !


  • ❌ Not for booty calls
  • ❌ lack of popularity… for now!

4. trans4men


trans4men is a service available as a website, Android and iPhone application. It is aimed at trans women and their admirers. We love trans4men because they’re so transparent right from the home page. They offer free dating in exchange for a little non-intrusive advertising. So you can create a profile, view other profiles and send messages for free. Right from the home page, they also announce their premium service, which gives you access to new features such as premium gallery access, advanced search filters, automatic translation, no adverts and much more.

Trans4men is available in several languages: English, Spanish, French and German. The only downside is that since its creation, the service has announced the creation of 55,000 profiles. That may sound like a lot, but it’s actually not a lot for a service that’s been around for several years.


  • ✅ or trans women, cross-dressers and their admirers
  • ✅ International dating
  • ✅ Free registration and many free features like messaging


  • ❌ For what type of dating?
  • ❌ Lack of popularity, many inactive profiles.

5. Translr


Translr, formerly known as transdr, is the self-proclaimed number 1 transgender app for iPhone and Android. Thanks to this app, you can meet trans people from all over the world for all kinds of relationships: friendly, booty call or romantic. As with other dating apps, Translr will match you with profiles in your area. If you like, you can also search for profiles in other states, or even other countries.

To make sure your profiles are real, the Translr team checks them for photos, suspicious activity, etc. Registration is free, as is profile search. A VIP subscription is available for messaging chats.


  • ✅ highly rated and much downloaded application
  • ✅ quality, verified profiles
  • ✅ active moderation team


  • ❌ Limited free features
  • ❌ Subscription prices slightly higher than average

6. Taimi


One of the best-known dating apps for LGBTQ+ people, Taimi is not a dedicated dating app for transgender people, although they are welcome. On this app, you can meet people for friendship and serious relationships.

Like Tinder, profiles will be suggested for you to like or pass. If you find a match, you can start chatting. In fact, it’s possible to chat for free with this app. However, there are premium features available through various bronze, siler and gold subscriptions, which offer more features such as boosts, throwbacks, rainbow likes… Only available as an iPhone and Android application.


  • ✅ The Tinder of the LGBTQ+ community
  • ✅ Free features
  • ✅ Popular application with lots of members


  • ❌ not just for transgenders

7. Trans

Now in 7th position in the ranking, we can’t hide the fact that it’s going to get less and less interesting… The trans app lets you meet trans people locally or worldwide on iPhone and Android. The app is particularly popular with Android users, with over 1 million downloads to date.

It’s a service similar to Tinder, but for trans people, since it will suggest profiles near you. You’ll have to like the ones you’re interested in, or pass on the ones you’re not. If the like is reciprocated, the match is made and you can chat. An original feature of this application is that it works like a social network, so you can share content called “moments” on your profile. You’ll then have a stream of content to which other users can react. To chat with other members, however, you’ll need to take out a subscription, which is rather expensive. Opinions on this app are varied: some say it’s great, others that it’s really lousy…


  • ✅ The Tinder of transgender community
  • ✅ A lot of (true ?) members
  • ✅ Popular application on android


  • ❌ You have to pay to send messages, and subscriptions are expensive.
  • ❌ Are all the profiles real?

8. TG Personals


TGpersonals is a very different kind of trans dating site. Where to start… first of all, the interface, which is truly from another era, as you’ll no doubt be aware. On this one you can search for profiles without having to register, which is a good point. Then, to view profiles and send messages for free, all you have to do is register.

TGpersonals is a free site because it’s financed by two ancillary services: a trans porn video and a trans booty call service. TGpersonals isn’t bad in itself, but it’s more like a classified ads site than a dating site.


  • ✅ Search profiles without registering
  • ✅ Send messages without paying
  • ✅ Profiles look real


  • ❌ 2000s interface
  • ❌ Profiles not always very active
  • ❌ Pubicities sometimes annoying

9. Mytransgendercupid

mytransgender cupid

MyTransgenderCupid is a TS dating website and app (Android only) that connects transgender women (M2F) and cisgender men who are looking for serious and long-term relationships. It is a decent and classy dating service that focuses on creating matches that fit your criteria. You can register for free and browse through the profiles of real people who are interested in transgender dating.

Mytransgendercupid presents itself as the best and number 1, yet their application has only been downloaded just over 10,000 times worldwide. What’s more, according to our test, many profiles don’t look real.


  • ✅ successful interface
  • ✅ essential features
  • ✅ free registration


  • ❌ not as popular as the site advertises
  • ❌ many inactive profiles

10. Tsdates


Let’s end the ranking with TSdates, a dating service for tranny booty calls. This is a site you may have come across a lot thanks to their numerous advertisements. In fact, TSDates clearly claims to be a premium site for meeting trans people.

However, after testing the site we had our doubts about some of the profiles, either because they weren’t trans, or because they seemed fake. Yet the site boasts over 120 million members worldwide… hard to believe. Finally, the subscription price is far too high. Not a site we’d recommend.


  • ✅ Popular site thanks to advertising
  • ✅ Fast, free registration


  • ❌ Not as many members as advertised
  • ❌ many inactive or fake profiles
  • ❌ High subscription price

Is there a free site to meet transwomen?

As you can see, we’ve tried out a lot of tranny dating services! And among this selection, some are paid, some are freemium (free features and others for a fee) and some are absolutely free.

If you’re looking for a free site to meet transgender people, there are 3 that stand out.

  • Butterfly : a real transgender community where you can register and send messages to each other for free. Premium features are available for a fee, but are optional and do not prevent you from sending messages for free. It is ranked 3rd.
  • trans4men : a site that’s very transparent about how it works, right from the home page, with what’s free and what’s not. Among the free features, it is indeed possible to exchange messages for free. It is ranked 4th.
  • TGpersonals : not the sexiest of websites, it’s more like an ad site, and we’re sometimes a bit bothered by untimely ads. However, it is possible to send free messages to other members of the site. Ranked 8th.

Advantages of a free site: there’s no risk involved in registering, and you can send messages without a credit card.

Disadvantages of a free site: there are more fake or inactive profiles, because more curious people or people who can create several accounts to try to scam people.

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