Comments charter

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Respect of the legislation

The Internet is often seen as a separate area for rights by Internet users. However, each website and by extension all its users are subject to the legislation of the country in which the site is hosted. Thus and its users must respect the French legislation.
In particular, the following are prohibited (on a non-exhaustive basis) and, where appropriate, penalized:
• Invasion of the privacy of others (nominative quotation of third persons without their explicit agreement). In this context, the sending of unsolicited electronic messages to users of the site is prohibited.
• Defamation and insult.
• Incitement to crimes and offenses and provocation to suicide, provocation to discrimination, hatred, especially racial hatred, or violence.
• The apology for all crimes, including murder, rape, war crimes and crimes against humanity; the denial of crimes against humanity.
• The reproduction, representation or distribution of a work subject to intellectual property rights does not allow it.
• Advertising or commercial messages.
• Discussions dealing with the copying of commercial software for use other than a backup copy under the conditions provided by the Code of Intellectual Property.

Moderation reserves the possibility of highlighting, by editorial choice, after its publication by the contributor, any comment, ticket, profile, which will then be reported as recommended by the editor. In this context, in view of posting a contribution to the One, is authorized to change the title and presentation.

Conversely, reserves the right to remove any contribution likely to contravene the law as in this charter, as well as any comment off topic, repeated several times, promotional or rude.

A comment will never be modified to meet the requirements of the charter but directly deleted.
Comments responding to a deleted comment may also be deleted.
Contributions revealing abusive, defamatory and / or disparaging remarks to another subscriber, namely cited or specifically identifiable or to the Website, may be removed without notice, without prejudice to the implementation of other actions. including judicial.

Notification procedure and withdrawal of comments

Statements that are true or reflect honest opinion (eg, bad reviews) generally do not in themselves form the basis of defamation. You are advised to carefully evaluate the facts (and seek legal advice in case of doubt) before making a claim, as an unjustified claim may result in your liability. reserves the right to request verification of your identity and to seek additional information to clarify on what basis you base your claim. We draw your attention to the fact that may not be able to process anonymous or misdirected complaints or that does not provide us with the information requested by the Notification form below.

Following the receipt of such Notification, we will endeavor, to a reasonable extent, to identify defamatory content but we can not incur liability if you have not provided us with all relevant facts or if such facts can not be verified. .

Warning: all your statements may be used in legal proceedings. The provision by you of false, inaccurate or misleading information can engage your civil and criminal liability.

To notify of an allegedly defamatory statement on this Website, please complete the Disclaimer Form with the Defamation Date below:

    Your name (mandatory)

    Your email (mandatory)

    Your phone (mandatory)

    Comment(s) and url concerned

    Indicate why you consider the statements to be defamatory

    Clarify why the remarks, object of the claim, are not truthful

    You must also include your postal address, your telephone number during the day and an e-mail address so that can respond to the notification.