Bumble For Friends: the friendship app wins Google Play award


The Bumble app, known for its dating service for singles, has just reached a new milestone with its “Bumble For Friends” initiative. This new app dedicated to finding friends has been awarded the prestigious “Google Play Best of 2023 User Choice Award”. A success that underlines the growing importance of friendships in our society.

Bumble’s mission has always been to foster healthy, equitable relationships through caring connections. And this mission goes beyond the simple framework of romantic encounters. Friendships, often relegated to the background, deserve just as much attention. With this in mind, Bumble has transformed its friend-finding service, Bumble BFF, into a stand-alone application: Bumble For Friends.

The Bumble For Friends application immediately struck a chord with the community. Its impact was so significant that it won a dating industry award in just a few months. It was voted “Best for Fun” by Google Play users in the USA, Canada, Great Britain and Australia. See the rankings here.

This award, the result of consumer votes, is of particular importance to Bumble. It testifies to the impact of Bumble For Friends in a context where loneliness and isolation are reaching epidemic levels. The Bumble community turns to Bumble For Friends to expand its social circle, often in search of friends sharing a similar life stage, be it moving house, graduating, telecommuting, or entering parenthood.

In the coming months, Bumble will focus on improving Bumble For Friends, taking into account feedback from its members. New features will be introduced to encourage “real-life” encounters and strengthen the community.

Google Play’s recognition of Bumble For Friends underlines a growing trend in our society: the valuing of friendships. In a world where social ties are paradoxically increasingly difficult, Bumble For Friends is positioned as an innovative service for those looking to expand their circle of friends. With this application, Bumble reaffirms its commitment to connecting people, not just for love, but also for friendship.

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