19 ideas for conversation topics with a girl

You’ve probably already been on a date with a girl and suddenly a big gap in the conversation appears.

Stress and panic ensue, not knowing how to restart the conversation. Fear of starting a conversation that could be too much for her or simply fear of asking a stupid question.

So that you don’t end up talking about the weather, we’ve put together a selection of conversation topics that you can bring up with a girl without getting into trouble.

Whether you’re chatting with a girl by text, on social networks, on a dating site, a dating app, or on a date and you don’t know how to get the conversation going again, these conversation topics work in all cases!

conversation with a girl

Conversation topics with a girl to start a discussion:

  1. Ask her how she is, what she is doing, where she is from etc.
  2. Ask her about her professional life: “What do you do for a living?” “Do you like your job?” “What does it involve? “How long have you been in this job? What are your worst and best stories at work? Are your colleagues nice?
  3. To break the ice, there is nothing better than complimenting her on her outfit or style (in case you are not with her, but you have already observed her outfits). Obviously if you are not a fan of her style, don’t start on this subject, lying is a bad way to start a relationship…
  4. Talk to him about current events in general or about your city: “Have you heard about …?” “Have you seen this new restaurant that opened? And then follow up with “what is your favorite style of cooking?” “What’s your favorite food?” Etc.
  5. Questions about sports, if she plays or watches sports, you have many questions to ask her: “What sport do you play?” “What sport do you prefer?” “What kind of sport do you watch?” “What is your favorite team?” Etc.
  6. Ask her what she is going to do in the next few days, what her plans are for the day, evening or weekend, without necessarily offering anything. But simply to get interested in what she is doing.

Topics of conversation with a girl to get to know her better:

  1. How she spends her time when she’s not working: “What do you do outside of work?” “Are you more of a party girl or a homebody?” “Do you have any passions?” Etc.
  2. Ask her about her education: “What kind of student were you?” “What did you study?” Etc.
  3. Ask about favorite music styles: “What is your favorite style? “What is your favorite band or singer?” “Have you ever been to a concert (if so, who did you see)?” “At a festival?” “Your favorite album?” “Your music of shame?” Etc.
  4. You can do the same thing with movies and series: “What is your top movie and series?” “Your favorite actor and actress of all time?” “What is the series or movie that everyone has seen and you haven’t?” “Your shameful movie or series?”
  5. Same with books: “Do you like to read?” “What style do you like best?” “Who is your favorite author?” Etc.
  6. Questions about cooking: “What is your favorite sweet and savory dish?” “What is the recipe you know how to make best?” “What is your favorite restaurant?” “Would you rather order food or cook?” Etc.
  7. Travel is also a good topic of conversation for getting to know a girl: “Have you ever traveled?” “What countries have you visited?” “What was your favorite trip?” “Have you ever lived abroad?” “If you had to live somewhere, where would you go?” Etc.
  8. Pets, if you have any, it is important to know if she likes them or if she is not allergic and vice versa: “Do you have any pets?” “Do you prefer dogs or cats?” If she doesn’t have pets and you do, you can ask her if she feels comfortable around animals, etc.
  9. If you have children, you can bring up the topic as well or ask her if she has any and discuss them. However, if you don’t both have children, don’t bring up the subject at the beginning of your relationship, it can be a little risky…

Topics of conversation with a girl to know her in detail:

  1. Questions about her childhood: “Where were you born?” “What are your fondest memories as a child?” “What was the most memorable thing about you?” “Do you have any siblings?” “Were you a good child or more of a disobedient one?” Etc.
  2. Questions about your friends, your environment: “Are you very close to your friends? “Have you kept in touch with your childhood friends? “How often do you see your friends?” “What do you do when you are together?” “What are your fondest memories with them?” “Do you have any funny anecdotes that you experienced with them?” Etc.
  3. Questions about her family, but be careful not to put both feet down, you never know everyone’s stories. It is possible that she has lost family members and does not want to bring up the subject, so in this case, avoid asking questions. Alternatively, you can ask her if she is close to her parents, siblings, if she has any, what her worst family dinner anecdote is, etc.
  4. Questions about her desires, her life goals, what she has already done: “If you had to keep only one thing you have done today that you are proud of, what would it be?” “What is your dream job?” “What is your ultimate goal?” Etc.

Keep in mind that these examples of conversation topics are just a way to start the discussion. You will be able to avoid blanks or awkwardness and move on to other issues.

When your relationship is more established, you can talk about deeper topics such as religion, children or politics. But when the relationship is in its infancy, avoid these topics that could drive a wedge between you. You now have the cards in your hand to discuss with your target without putting pressure on yourself!

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